Quality & sertification


Why us?

  • Only the best ingredients are used in the making of our products: cream cheese, cream, sour cream, Italian and Belgian chocolate, coconut butter, organic strawberry and mango puree, nuts, butter-based caramel of our own making
  • We don’t use vegetable fat in our fillings. Only our own unique recipes and carefully selected combinations of ingredients and flavors.
  • We use low-sugar products
  • Due to a properly organized technological process, selected equipment and ingredients, we have obtained a unique, delicate and satin-like texture of our cheesecakes that melt in your mouth.
  • Cream cheese used in our cheesecakes is produced in our region and has rich and unique flavor

serti fication

Only high-quality raw materials that meet the standards and certification requirements are used in our production process. The company has implemented and successfully maintains the HACCP food safety management system. All manufactured products have the necessary declarations


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